Why choose a UBA Gap Membership Product if I already have Obamacare / ACA Coverage, Group Coverage or a Faith-based Plan?

Molly Powell
Molly Powell
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Comprehensive Coverage does not pay for everything. Most insurance plans have deductibles, coinsurance maximum and out-of-network costs that leave you with having to pay some medical expenses out-of-pocket.

Plans like the UBA Gap Membership Products are designed to supplement your comprehensive health insurance plan for additional protection.

Our UBA Gap Membership Products vary in the types of association supplemental group insurance coverage.  Depending on the Membership product, you can get these types of coverage in our UBA Gap Membership Products. Please read the plan details to find out which coverage below is included in each Membership product.  You can also view UBA Membership product offerings HERE.

So learn to be prepared for the unexpected medical expenses that your comprehensive health insurance plan doesn't cover. UBA Gap Membership Products can be right for you and your family as a way to help offset some of these unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Note: You do not have to enroll in any optional supplemental membership product if you only want to join the United Business Association. These additional membership products are designed to enhance your membership, but you choose to only enroll in UBA.

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