I bought a UBA Gap Membership Product and am a Member of UBA. I decided I now want an additional membership product, can I get one?

Molly Powell
Molly Powell
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The answer is YES depending on the additional product that you are purchasing.

Here are some examples below how it works:

If your optional supplemental UBA Gap Membership Product already included Group Accident Insurance or Group Hospital Fixed Indemnity Insurance, you can't purchase an additional membership product that includes those same insurance products.

But if you had an optional supplemental UBA Gap Membership Product that had Group Accident Insurance and/or Group Hospital Fixed Indemnity Insurance and then wanted to purchase a UBA Dental or UBA Vision Product, you are able to do that on the enrollment application. You would select that you are already a member and then enter the information requested. 

From there, you can select the desired additional membership product.

If you have any questions or need more help in figuring out how to add an additional membership product or to see if you are able to add an additional membership product based on what you currently have, we will be happy to help you. 


You can contact us either by toll free number - 866.438.4274  & by email at info@ubamembers.com.



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