What does my Initial UBA Membership Fulfillment Kit Include?

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Your initial fulfillment package will be available to you Online on the Member Portal immediately:



On the Member Portal, you will be able to locate these fulfillment materials:

Digital ID Card(s) (pdf version for viewing or downloading)

PDF copies of your Completed Enrollment Application(s) (pdf version for viewing of downloading)

Current Membership Guide for all Membership products enrolled (pdf version for viewing or downloading)

Current Certificates of Insurance for all Membership products enrolled (if applicable) (pdf version for viewing or downloading)

Claim Forms for all Membership products and types of group insurance enrolled (if applicable) (download & print PDF)

How To Use Section that explains how the services work in your Membership product(s)

Monthly Membership Product Cost 

Effective Date of Membership Product(s)



We will be mailing out a hard-copy of the ID cards along with a welcome letter that highlights the product(s) you have enrolled and purchased along with the Member ID Number for each product and the effective date of product(s). There is a find my materials section that instructs you on the link to register or login to the Member Portal. The billing Inquiries section on the welcome letter highlights how to get a hold of the billing department for your plan(s). For general inquiries about product details or UBA, you can contact us at 866-438-4274. The back of the welcome letter instructs you how to use your ID card and will have the ID cards attached at the bottom for you to remove and put in your wallet.

(Note: For any of the a la carte Benefit Boost Subscription Membership Products, we only send out the welcome letter and not a hard-copy of the Membership ID cards. The ID card for the a la carte Benefit Boost Subscription Products are only available as a Digital ID card that you download to your phone, tablet or computer or print from your Member Portal.)


Please make sure to look out for a letter from UBA. It will be a window envelope that looks like this and will be mailed to via regular first class mail with the USPS:



See Below for Sample of the Front of the Welcome Letter:



See Below for Sample of Back of Welcome Letter:




Didn't get your package?  Request a new one at 866.438.4274.

(If you received a fulfillment package for applications submitted prior to 02/10/22, then you might have received a different version of our fulfillment package. For new applications submitted 2/10/22 going forward, all new members will receive the mail-out version of the fulfillment package (Welcome Letter & ID Cards) and the online PDF Fulfillment Materials through the Member Portal. Make sure you register with the Member Portal to gain access to all your Membership Product information including terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, state availability, age limits, waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, how to use the association membership services and more. You should receive your mail-out fulfillment kit within 7-10 days from the date your application was e-signed but you can access your online fulfillment materials right away (as soon as the application is e-signed). Please note, you can't use the membership\ services or any optional group insurance until on or after your effective date. If you didn't receive your welcome letter & ID card(s) in the mail, you can contact us at 866-438-4274. Note: ID cards for the a la carte Benefit Boost Subscription Products will only be available on the Member Portal as a Digital ID card to print and download to your phone, computer or tablet.)

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