When can I set up my MeMD account and start using it?

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You can set up your MeMD account right away (on or after your effective date)! You should set up your account BEFORE you get sick. That way you are ready and not having to mess with set up when you don't feel well.  You can use MeMD virtual visits on or after your Effective Date.


You can set your account up 2 ways for the MeMD service:

  1. Use the link in your member guide or on your ID card.
  2. Download the MeMD app from Google Play or the App Store and then enter the Plan Code when you set up your account.

Make sure that you use either the link or set up the account with the CODE or it won't be coded correctly for you to get the $0 visits and therefore will try and charge you the current rate for the visit changed by MeMD for direct consumers.  

Visits for MeMD Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits with this a la carte health & wellness non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription Product are $0 for the member. Visits are paid by HealthyAmerica and not by you.

Need help with getting it set up or just can't locate your code or link to set up your account?  Call us at 866.438.4274 or Chat with us and we can help you get that information and get you on your way to feeling better!


Note: If you purchased the Virtual PCP Solution Subscription Membership with any Membership Product that includes the Benefit Boost Subscription Membership with the MeMD® membership services, the link that you will and the service details will be based on the Virtual PCP Solution services with MeMD®. In this instance, you would ONLY use the link for the Virtual PCP Solution provided on your membership ID cards. There is no Google Play or App Store app for the Virtual PCP. You would just use the link provided on the ID card and Member Portal.





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