What do I do with My Certificates of Insurance and Why do I need it?

Molly Powell
Molly Powell
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The Certificates of Insurance for the optional supplemental Membership product(s) that you enrolled contain very important information. These Certificates of Insurance include the terms, conditions, definitions, the schedule of benefits, as well as the limitations and exclusions for the group association insurance available in your optional supplemental Membership Product(s) that you chose to add to your enhance your Membership in UBA or HAA.

Make sure to read over the entire Certificate of Insurance so you are aware how the insurance in your product works in your specific state. This is better to do before claim time so you are not surprised and so that you will understand what is covered and what is not covered. Some states vary in exact description and coverage from the broad descriptions outlined in the Member Portal, Membership Guides and the Website so make sure that you are reviewing YOUR STATE SPECIFIC CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE.

Keep your Certificates of Insurance in a safe place just like you would any other insurance policy.





Important: Healthy America and United Business Association (UBA) are not authorized to pay claims or be involved in the claims decision process.  All claim decisions are made by the TPA claim's administrator and the insurance carrier. Currently, Healthy America Association does not have any group insurance Membership Products available at this time.

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