Reasons to Enroll in the United Business Association as a member.

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Members of UBA enjoy discounts and services that can enhance their daily home and business lives. With 31 association services that range from Lab Discounts, Vision & Hearing Discounts, 24-Hr Roadside Assistance, Office Supplies & Furniture Discounts, UPS Express Delivery Service discounts, Computer Discounts and more, the United Business Association (UBA) offers its members quality and valued services that members can actually use.

Along with free business networking on which includes ad creation for the networking ad if needed, UBA promotes member's small business with the general public and other UBA Members. UBA also offers small business knowledge to its members through providing links, videos, polls and newsletter with helpful business tools that enhance small business knowledge and pinpoint key things going on currently with small businesses and their employees.

For the low monthly membership dues of $10 for the entire family, joining UBA is affordable. United Business Association continually looks at their membership service offerings and is always working to improve and add new services that bring value and interest to its members. Unlock the value of membership with UBA by joining the Association and enrolling in the UBA Membership Plan. Learn more or Contact Us for more information on the Association and how to join.

The Association is here to help small businesses compete with similar programs available in some larger corporations by offering United Business Association membership providing small business employers and employees with services that offer member driven value.


For more information on the UBA Membership including a description of all services available to UBA Members, download the Sample Member Guide below.



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