Do I have to Add any Other Membership Product BESIDES membership into United Business Association?

Molly Powell
Molly Powell
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If you only want to join the Association, United Business Association (UBA), and do not want to add any additional a la carte non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription Products or any additional optional supplemental UBA Gap Membership Products that includes group insurance, then you do not have to.


Simply select the UBA Membership ONLY in the online enrollment application.  Nothing should preclude you from being able to ONLY select UBA Membership. 


Additional a la carte health and wellness non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription Products and the optional supplemental UBA Gap Membership Products that include group insurance programs are simply a way for you to enhance your membership and to offer our members more value if you choose. The member does not have to elect this option to enhance their membership with additional membership products.


This association was not formed to offer insurance. The United Business Association (UBA) was formed for members to join a national network of informed small businesses and employees looking to strengthen each other together. UBA Members have access to better lifestyle services, money-saving discounts, leveraged purchasing power, and optional supplemental group insurance programs to augment their existing coverage. These programs are the heart of what we do. The United Business Association creates better availability for the programs members genuinely need to enhance their health, financial standing, and peace of mind. 

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