Find out about UBA & HAA fulfillment including ID cards (digital & printed ID cards), Member Portal Access, Member Guides for Membership Products, Certificates of Insurance (for Membership Products that include group insurance).

  • Member Portal

    Find out how to access the Member Portal and what to expect to find when you login to the Member Portal like ID cards, Membership Guides, Certificates of Insurance (if applicable), and more. The Member Portal is an important tool for members of UBA or HAA and you want to learn how to get registered and start using it today.

  • Initial Fulfillment Materials and ID Card

    Find out what is included in your initial fulfillment materials and how long it takes to get my package after enrolling in either UBA or HAA. Learn more about the ID cards, how to use them, welcome letter and reordering your ID card, Certificates of Insurance and Membership Guides.

  • What is a Certificate of Insurance

    Find out what a Certificate of Insurance is as well as how it applies to the optional supplemental Membership Products that included group insurance I enrolled to enhance my membership. Learn why it is necessary to look over these very important documents.