Common Answers about Membership and the optional supplemental Membership Products available with either United Business Association (UBA), Healthy America Association (HAA) or the a la carte non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription Products.

  • UBA Membership & UBA Membership Products

    Learn more about membership services and benefits in UBA as well as the optional supplemental UBA Membership Products that you can add as a member to enhance your membership.

  • HAA Membership

    Learn more about the benefits and services available as part of Healthy America Association (HAA) membership.

  • Benefit Boost Subscription Membership Products

    Learn more about the a la carte health and wellness Benefit Boost Subscription products and how they can add value to your membership or on a stand-alone basis.

  • I am looking for ACA Coverage.

    Get information on how to contact one of our federally certified, licensed advocates to help you navigate ACA / Obamacare.